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The Agricultural Market Agency received nearly PLN 25 million for the promotion of Polish food abroad. Currently, the halfway point is the implementation of a trade promotion program. The first results can already be seen, many companies have gained new markets for their products.


As informed by the director of the Office of International Cooperation of AMA and the project manager Agnieszka Rembisz, the AMA promotes Polish Companies and Polish agricultural and food products to many overseas markets. There are many actions undertaken, for example, the "trade promotion program of Polish food specialities" is implemented. It is calculated for three years and will continue until February 2015. The program aims to help businesses to promote their own brand products and come into contacts. Exhibitors can also count on financing the participation in trade fairs or training. So far, as many as 40 companies have benefited from this program. Rembisz explained that companies are promoted under the banner of national stand, although each of the exhibitors has a separated stand. Earlier, Polish companies have been located in various places in fairs and, therefore, they were less visible. In her opinion, this form of presentation of products is gaining exhibitors' acceptance. The program is implemented in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, China and the Arab Emirates.<br/>Rembisz indicated that support for food producers is already bearing fruit. A survey was conducted at the halfway point of the program. The existing participants evaluated the effectiveness of the activities carried out by the Agency. As it results from the survey, 75 percent of companies established business relationships, 58 percent won new markets, and 25 percent recorded an increase in the export of their goods. The director felt that these were good results if one takes into account that the establishment of trade cooperation with the Arab Emirates or China takes many years.The project involves mainly dairy industry and meat products, dairy products, sweets and cereal products. Due to the presence at the fair, some of the companies managed to promote the brand of their products. For example, little known in our country, the company "SĹ?owianka", confectionery producer, is already recognized in the Chinese market. Rembisz stressed that also beef, apples, cereal and meat products became a hit. The director advised that the AMA is currently recruiting entrepreneurs to participate in trade missions to South Africa (June 2014, on the occasion of the Africa's Big Seven Fair), Hong Kong (August 2014, on the occasion of the HKTDC Food Expo Fair) and Kazakhstan (November 2014 - World Food Kazakhstan Fair).

Source: PAP