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Śr, Lis

The Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the country inhabited by nearly 46 million people. A lot can be said about this country, but one thing is certain.

The Ukraine is a European Green Capital of down and feathers, a place where nature provides beauty still to this day: magnificent fields of cereals such as rape and sunflower, beautiful sunsets. It is a country where people live in harmony with nature, are surrounded by the animals that they love and the animals that reciprocate their feelings ...

I recall the trip to the Ukraine with fondness. I went for business, and came back as a changed man, fascinated by this country, and most of all nature.

The first impression, that is the first thing I noticed, exceeded my expectations. Feathers for goose breeders are not waste materials classified to the second category, which must be transported with special means of transport, but part of the treasure, which they bred. It starts with a small gosling that grows up in the small room with household members, then the first walking with a hostess. After some time, already grown goose walks on its own along the wild paths, looking for a stream, where it can indulge in delightful bath. In the evening, it returns to the farm to wait for its owner. It pays back diligently guarding the host and all his belongings, like an ancient Capitoline goose ... Geese are still naturally bred in the Ukraine. This is possible only in small flocks, and there are plenty such flocks. Birds do not require extraordinary conditions, convenience, artificial light. They derive everything they need from nature.

The hosts do not have a clue about any standards for feathers or down. They make the rules naturally, for example, whether a given goose can be eaten. It is a great feast when children, grandchildren and grandparents eat a roast goose together. Feathers collected after fallout is nibbled with the utmost care, no feather can be wasted. Stored in bags for sugar and cereals, it is placed in the attic until the arrival of traders, who will assess its value and pay accordingly. Purity of the product once again exceeded my expectations ...

Goose companies in the Ukraine are mostly concentrated on the egg production and gosling hatching. Geese are bred mainly for consumption in small farms Hatching period does not take place twice a year and geese are not transferred to the slaughterhouse at a specified date, but depending on the individual opinion of the owner. Sometimes it happens that as old as one or two year old geese, and of different weights, go to the slaughterhouse. It is different in Poland. The Ukrainian market is not regulated in any way as far as the sale of carcasses is concerned. There are no accepted standards and principles. Here, nature itself has its own rules ...

In the era of continuous progress, like pursuit of perfection, there is still ecological chain created by nature and man in the Ukraine. The perfection for which we strive ... exists.