What eggs!

Goose eggs are undoubtedly much larger than chicken eggs. Its size is bigger than chicken eggs by 2/3. The goose egg weighs between 140 g and 200 g, which is a lot in comparison to the chicken egg of (60 g). Undoubtedly, you will see a big difference when we compare nutritional values of the ​​above mentioned eggs. 


Chicken egg

Goose egg

Energy value in 100 g

139.00 kcal

185.00 kcal

Proteins in 100 g

12.50 g

13.90 g

Fat in 100 g

9.70 g

13.30 g


In Poland, people usually consume chicken eggs. Subsequently, there are duck, goose and quail, and ostrich eggs. 
Although the goose egg has a lot of nutrients, it is difficult to digest when compared to the chicken egg. As shown in the table, it contains a lot of fat. However, the goose egg should be used for baking all confectionery products as it gives an oily taste. 
It is hard to buy the goose egg in a regular grocery store. The easiest way to buy it is directly from the goose farm or over the Internet. 
Although goose eggs are not very popular, you might want to try it at least once. Their flavour will definitely remain in your memory.