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The HPAI/H5N8 virus was brought into Europe by wild, migrating birds. Observations show that it is highly virulent towards both poultry and numerous species of wild birds. The HPAI virus, H5N8 sub-type currently occurs in wild birds in Europe, in at least 23 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Almost all cases of the HPAI/H5N8 virus were identified in birds living in water-based habitats. The virus was found in wild birds in Europe in 450 locations.

A Japanese media investigation revealed that Japanese feather merchandise is mostly filled with Chinese non-certified produce. According to labelling and advertisementclient is assured of the highest quality European down. 'The documents are forged' announces Asahi magazine.

The market in China has shifted again.  The market has begun to get active once again.  About 10 days ago, the market in China jumped about 5%, and then just over the past days, we have got price movements in both goose and duck now: goose about 7% - 10% movement and duck between 3% - 5%.  

Summary: Overall, prices are still at the low for the year.  There is still the trend of some selective factories in need of cash and selling duck down inventory at below market rates, but the availability of this material (acceptable quality) has dropped, so the overall trend is that we are at the floor of the market.  Goose down prices are holding, mainly due to a tighter supply of quality material.

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