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Duck Down:  The past few months has seen a gradual drop of about 5% to 8% on duck down as mentioned in earlier reports.

Over the past month, some factories in need of cash sold products below market, but those types of transactions are becoming rarer.  While there is an increase in demand with new orders as expected, both inventory and raw material production have matched this, so prices will not move much from where they are now (soft).  We expect prices to be steady, with no upwards pressure on price.  Orders for duck down have come in as companies take advantage of prices close to this expected market low.      

Goose Down:  The goose market has remained relatively steady the past couple months, and will continue this trend.  There is a steady demand of goose down in the China bedding industry, and to a lesser extent the US bedding industry, that has keep prices steady, without any sector making a large jump in goose down demand.  While the low goose down inventory in China may be a concern, there is no expectation of a jump in goose demand so prices should remain at their current levels over the next few weeks.